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I need more stories with characters that are blatantly, unapologetically aromantic or asexual. Or anywhere on the aro/ace-spectrums, really.

Not “This character hasn’t shown attraction to anyone so maybe they could be aro or ace.”

Not “These characters aren’t explicitly shown having sex, so for all we know it might be a celibate relationship.”

Not “The author said it in an interview but it isn’t stated in the work itself.”

Not “The work hints at it but doesn’t use the word itself so that heteronormative audiences won’t feel threatened by it.”

Not “The character is actually gay/bi/pan, but I’ll pretend they’re asexual because I don’t want to accept their sexuality.”

Not “I don’t want to ship this character with anybody else so I’ll say they’re asexual/aromantic so I can ignore them.”

Not “We needed a way to show the character was evil / heartless / stoic / aloof / inhuman / alien, so we made the character asexual/aromantic even though that’s a stereotype.”

I need stories where the aro-ness or ace-ness is so clear the audience can’t mistake it for anything else.

I need stories for which I can say “That character is aromantic/asexual!” and not have other people tell me I’m just making it up, or not acknowledging the character’s “real” orientation, or that it’s “just my interpretation.”

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To you, from one Tales fan to the next: A Very Grateful Giveaway

I’ve been going through some tough times recently, but I’m still amazed by all the support and care all my friends and followers have shown so I decided to do another giveaway! I found these perfect little keychains online (I got the last two sets too!) and since it was affordable I decided to do a giveaway and spread the Tales love! Thank you all so much for standing by me despite me being an idiot, so here is a nice Christmas giveaway for you all!

Just a few rules to follow

  • You must be following me: Well, this giveaway is for my friends and followers after all, they’re the ones who have stood by me!
  • One like and one reblog only. Last time I had some sneaky cheaters who tried reblogged four or five times, and I’m putting my foot down this time. Anyone who overdoes the entries will be disqualified, sorry. I want it to be fair.
  • I am still unsure about international entries. On the one hand, I can mail these in envelopes so shipping will be less expensive. On the other hand, I’m still not sure how much that will come out to. For now, go ahead and enter, but depending on prices I may or may not be able to do it.
  • No giveaway blog entries allowed
  • You must be willing and able to give me your mailing address
  • There will be four winners, one for each, and winners will be first come, first serve.
  • Deadline is December 25th, so the winners get a nice present!
  • Obligatory disclaimer: This giveaway is not associated with Tumblr.

Again, I seriously love you guys! …And I sounded super cheesy in that entire post, geez.

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Origin & Maxwell artwork illustrations. Made by Kōsuke Fujishima

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That point in a piece of fanfiction where you can tell something embarrassing is about to happen so you start fucking around on tumblr because you’re a huge baby with a crippling overabudance of empathy.

I do this with every media I consume. I pause movies and have to walk around and prepare myself for second-hand embarrassment sometimes.

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what do we say to the god of death?

not today *sets difficulty to casual*

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pride shields part 2

view part 1 here

available on stickers and whatnot here

[EDIT: added the intersex and polysexual shields]



Pride shields!!

You can pretty much do whatever you want with these (as long as you’re not selling them, please)

If you’re interested, I’ve got them available in my RedBubble shop

Shoutout to khannemara for the idea!

[EDIT: I fixed the star, it was a bit uneven in the original]

part 2 is here

This is so awesome

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-boys that are against feminism
-boys that call girls sluts and whores
-boys that think a vagina gets loose after having a lot of sex
-white boys that use the n word

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